Sunday, 29 December 2013

My Top 5 Perfumes Right Now ♥

Happy Sunday!
Well where on earth has the last week gone?! Christmas seems so long ago already. As it's coming up to the new year I thought I would do a blog about my top 5 perfumes that i'm wearing at the moment. When your getting all glammed up to go out, my main accessory is always an amazing perfume, there's simply nothing better than going out looking and smelling gorgeous!

The first of my top five perfumes is the Viva La Juicy Noir perfume by Juicy Couture. The amount of times I wear this I could properly take out a share in the making of it. This limited edition of the Viva La Juicy range was launched in July/August of this year and I've been wearing it ever since. Smell wise this one is a bit of everything I love. A bit fruity, a bit musky, a bit sweet... In other words it almost smells edible. It is quite a strong scent but it lasts all day and is without doubt my current signature perfume. My only downfall with this one is that it can be a rather heavy scent but hey, I still love it!

Next is the Miss Dior Cherie Perfume which has to be my most used perfume of all time. I started to by this one at the end of 2011 and until very recently I hardly went a day without wearing it. I wore it so much that my friends and family associated the smell of it to me, how cute! This perfume is just fabulous (well it is Dior), It has such a sweet and beautiful smell that you fell like you could eat it. Its a girly, pretty smell but at the same time its a very sexy and powerful scent as well. I must admit all of Dior's perfumes have a very signature smell at the start when you first put it on but then each one comes into its own and this one has got to be the best. Its so versatile so you could wear it all day, all night and all year and it fits every occasion. Definitely a five out of five for me!

Third perfume is the Lady Million one by Paco Rabanne. This one I've had a couple of months now and I admit its not been majorly used but that doesn't change how much of an amazing perfume it is. It does smell fairly similar to the one million version for men but its a lot sweeter! As much as I love this one it is rather musky and its quite strong so its not one that I wear on a day to day basis but for an evening scent it is simply perfect. Paco Rabanne has got to be one of the best.

Next up is the Sarah Jessica Parker NYC perfume which I have used for years! I remember getting on a bus with some friends back when I was in college and some lovely lady stopped me to ask me what I was wearing as she absolutely loved it! This perfume is ideal for young girls/teenagers as it is an extremely sweet & florally smelling scent with vanilla and fruit smells in as well. I would recommend this to anybody to try as in my eyes its one of the best perfumes ever made.. And the bottle's cute, what more could a girl want!

And finally the last perfume is my new baby! I was given the Prada, Candy perfume for Christmas by my dad and wow! Is just about all I can say to describe it! This one is a very musk, sweet smell which I absolute adore. Sweet smelling perfumes have got to be my all time favourites. I have had so many compliments since wearing this one and its fast becoming my new favourite day to day scent.

Thank you again for reading, if you have any questions then please comment below or send me an email to speak to you soon :)
Lots of love, Chelsea xxxx

Saturday, 28 December 2013

My Year In Pictures 2013 ♥

Hello lovely's!

I hope everyone's had a lovely Christmas & that you've all been spoilt rotten by your partners, family & friends. Christmas is definitely a time of year which makes you appreciate everything that you have and all that you've done over the past year. I am one of those people who take far too many photos of stupid things, but I just love sitting down at this time of year with a blanket and a hot chocolate, looking back at all the pictures and memories that made me smile. Don't get me wrong not everything is positive, there has been quite a lot of bad things and deaths around me, my friends and my family this year but we've got through it together and have come out fighting! We have however also had some very exciting news, like engagements, new babies and pregnancies. Here is a little collage of pictures I've taken this year. :)

If you have done a blog like this of pictures from your year please leave me a comment with a link to your page as I would love to see. These posts are one of my favourite to read and look out. Thank you again for reading my post! I really do hope you have a fantastic new year & that next year brings you all the love and surprises possible. Here's to 2014!!

Lots of love, Chelsea xxxx

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Christmas Glossybox 2013 ♥

Hey lovelies :)

Well after the disappointment of the last few glossyboxes I'm pleased to say the Christmas one is a lot better! With this one I could use every product in there which is amazing as normally I only use a few. My favourite item in this months box has got to be the Lipsy London Glam perfume which is absolutely amazing! All my favourite scents are fruity, sweet smells, & this one well.. its simply delicious! It sort of reminds me of a mix between of DNKY Red Delicious & Sarah Jessica Parkers perfume. I'm a bit of a perfume addict so I always get exited when I open the box up and see some little samples inside.

What a lovely surprise this box was any, I actually really like everything that was inside so I will definitely be looking forward to the next box.. Glossybox you've got some standards to keep up now.. :)

My Christmas Glossybox contains:
Beautiful Movements Cosmetics Nude Lip Gloss (Full Size £12 for 8ml)
Wilkinson Sword Intuition Natural Razor (Full size £6.49)
Maybelline New York Colour Tattoo 24hr Eye Shadow in 35 On & On Bronze (Full Size £4.99)
Seche Nail Lacquer In Blanc II (Full Size £9.95 For 14ml)
Lipsy London Glam Perfume (Full Size £25 For 50ml)
Lipsy London and Glossybox have also got together and are offering Glossybox customers 10% off at! Which is always a bonus as us girls do like online shopping.. eeeek ♥♥

Well if you receive a box every month then I hope you enjoy yours as much as I am enjoying mine :)

Speak to you soon!
Lots of love Chelsea xxx

Sunday, 1 December 2013

R.I.P Paul Walker 12.09.73-30.11.13 ♥♥♥

Woke up today to hear some of the most devastating news I've heard in a very long time. I literally can't believe Paul Walker is gone! Yes I know, he's just an actor, things like this happen... But I just cant seem to accept it. He was honestly my favourite actor around, and so far I've spent the whole of my morning in tears regretting every time he was in England and I was just too busy to go & see him. The fact that I will never see another new picture of his gorgeous smile is crazy. Its one of those things in life that really opens your eyes to how tragic events really do happen all the time and how no matter what situation your in, that you should make the most of every second you can. After all life is precious and you never know when your time is up! My thoughts, prayers and love goes out to Paul's family, friends and daughter Meadow. Heaven has gained such a beautiful angel I just hope he knew how truly loved he was before he died.
R.I.P Paul, you will be truly missed & never ever forgotten!! 12.09.73-30.11.13 ♥♥♥

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Makeup Of The Day ♥

Hey lovelies,
Gosh its a bit chilly out at the moment isn't it, brrrrrr. The cold weather is definitely not very far away anymore! So while I still can I thought I would do a more girly makeup of the day before all my winter shades start making an appearance.

So as we all know we never wear the same makeup products over and over again so I picked out my general go to items to show you.
Before I apply anything I always go over my face and neck with a makeup wipe from simple just to freshen my skin up after being in bed for hours. My nose especially can get very oily during the night so I just feel better starting with a clean face.
So first products I apply would be my Lush Tea Tree Water Toner and my Chanel Hydra Beauty Crème moisture cream. The toner is my absolute favourite, it smells delicious yet because its lush its also extremely good for your skin. The tea tree also works as an antibacterial & antiseptic for people like me who have oily & spot prone skin. I can honestly say I have never found a toner that suits me better & price wise its ideal too. The Chanel moisture cream again is one of my favourites, its quite a heavy cream but since using it my skin has felt a lot healthier and has a little boost to it. These two items are definitely my savours.
Next I would apply my Le Blanc De Chanel sheer illuminating base. This is a white liquid, almost like a light coverage foundation but instead of applying it to the whole face I use it as a whitener to help hide any red patches/blemishes that I'm not happy with. I really do love this product, having fairly oily skin I tend to find my face can appear a bit more pink toned than normal so this really helps, even if just to boost my confidence. Oh Chanel you are amazing!
After these I would now start my base makeup, first I would use my Benefit Pore Professional as my primer, this product is oil-free while also being lightweight which is ideal for my skin type. Next I would apply my Garnier roll on pen for any dark circles under my eyes, For my foundation I would use MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW15,/NW20 (depending on my amount of fake tan at the time). For concealer I would either use my MAC Moisture Cover in NW15/NW20 or again from MAC my Pro Longwear concealer again in NW15/NW20. I tend to use the longwear concealer for any redness or blemishes while using my moisture cover for under my eyes as I find that one makes me appear more fresh and awake. When I occasionally get a nasty spot or anything other than a red patch I would also use my Bourjois corrector concealer stick as it has a much thicker coverage. I would then set all this with my MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Naturals powder in medium.
For blusher I used my new MAC Scene To Be Seen Mineralise Skinfinish powder, I love the shine and colour of this product, Really suits my features. Love it! Highlighter of the day I used the Soap & Glory Glow All Out face powder above my cheeks, under my eyebrows and anywhere else I felt needed a pick me up.
With my eyes because I currently have eyelash extensions, I only applied mascara to my bottom lashes, for this I used my false lash telescopic by L'Oreal with the Topshop waterproof pencil eyeliner in the colour Ebony for my water and tight line. On my eyelids I used my Naked 2 pallet by Urban Decay, I started with the colour Foxy then used Chopper and YDK in blended into the crease. I love the smokey eye look at the moment!
Every four weeks I get HD eyebrows done at my local beauty centre so I use the HD shadow pallet and HD brow mascara to shape and fill in my brows.

Finally for lips I've used my trusty carmex as a base with my Topshop lipstick in Innocent which is definitely my favourite right now, I'm so inlove with pretty pink lips!

Hope you enjoyed reading this sorry if it dragged on, I think I possibly wear to much makeup? Ah well, its fine :). If you have any questions about any of the products shown please feel free to comment or drop me an email to Speak to you soon!!
Lots of love Chelsea xxxx

Monday, 11 November 2013

What I Got For My 21st Birthday :) ♥

Hello lovelys!
Even before I started blogging I used to love to read all the 'birthday haul' blogs & videos on here and on youtube (i'm nosey.. haha). So as I turned 21 yesterday I thought I would write a little post about the things my boyfriend, family & friends bought for me. I have honestly had the best couple of days of my life this weekend. I had eyelash extensions put in on Saturday morning & was then taken out for a surprise family lunch straight afterwards, that Saturday evening my family, friends & boyfriend arranged a special little fireworks party with a homemade birthday cake designed just for me. It was a two tier white cake, half sponge with jam and cream, half marble with flowers in the top which I loved. I've then spent the last 2 days just seeing people and enjoying spending time with the people I love and care about. After all birthdays are more than just a day of presents, they are also about love, friendship, family & making memories you will never forget. I know posts like this aren't everyone's cup of tea so this is just for the people who are interested. Id also like to mention I am not making this blog to show off or boast, I am just simply writing about what I was given as I really enjoy reading other blogs similar to this. I will try and put links and prices where possible but as these items were presents I cant be sure exactly where they were brought from.

This is not so much a present but the first thing I was given on my birthday was these gorgeous flowers from my nan, bless her!

Literally cant believe my boyfriend brought me an ipad mini for my birthday, I am actually blown away. Iv wanted one of these for over a year but I've just never been able to justify spending that much money on one as i already have the iphone 4s. Recieveing this really made me appreciate how lucky I am to have someone like that. This is the 32gb one which you can pick up from almost anywhere now, either buying it out right or on pay monthly plans.
My present from my dad was the Lumix Panasonic DMC-G3K camera. I've been wanting a better camera for years so when he brought me this I was in shock. Its such a gorgeous camera. Its light, a good shape to hold and I love the fact you can pull the screen out so I can do videos easier as well.

This camera is 16 megapixels which means the quality of the pictures is amazing. It has a 3 inch screen and has a focal length of 14-42. I love the fact this camera comes with a detachable lens so in the future i can change the lens to one that suits what type of photos I'm taking at the time.

This camera is also 1080i HD for videos and all playbacks including sound. I've been trying this out non-stop since I was given it & so far I am extremely impressed! My only quibble with this camera is if you ever want to take any close up pictures you have to stand away from the item and then zoom in otherwise the picture wont take, but apart from that its amazing... Thanks dad!
I also got quite a lot of lush for my birthday as well as I am obsessed with it, this is about half of all the ones I got but I have already put the other half away in the bathroom so thought I would just include these ones. Thankfully they got me not one but two of the snow fairy shower gels which is my absolute favourite smell ever so as its limited edition I have to stock up before Christmas. As I brought quite a lot of lush if you would like to know more about any of the bits I picked up please comment & I can let you know names, prices ect. This blog is just long as it is lol. 

Next up I got the DKNY Red delicious perfume & the Juicy Couture Noir perfume. The Noir perfume is my absolute favourite perfume so I was really pleased to open this up yesterday. To me the smell is a mixture of sweet & musk but with that expensive smell too, if that makes sense... I'm not very good at describing smells I just know they smell beautiful!
Well that's a good part of the presents I received, there is a fair bit more but I will most likely include them in another blog that I will be putting up soon. Thank you for reading this, hope you enjoyed it!

Lots of love Chelsea xxx

Sunday, 10 November 2013

I'm 21 Today Yaaay, Hd Brows & Eyelash Extensions ♥♥

So today is my 21st birthday... Yaaay :) I am literally having the best day of my life today, been so incredibly spoilt by my boyfriend, family & friends, I am feeling extremely lucky! If youd like to see what iv got for my birthday then please comment below or message me :)
As its quite a special birthday I spent two and a half hours yesterday lying down getting my eyebrows & eyelashes done. Strange I know but I am absolutely inlove with them! I've never actually had eyelash extensions done before but so far I'm really pleased with them. Getting them done is quite long winded, I had to lie down for almost two hours with my eyes taped so I couldn't open them. Then the fake lashes are glued to your own lashes one at a time. I must admit I am a complete sucker for lashes, I have probably tried every mascara going & I'm a massive fan of false lashes too, so for me to have glued on gorgeous lashes for up to 4 weeks is just too exciting. If you cant treat yourself on your birthday then when can you? I also got my regualar 3-4 week eyebrow reshape, I get HD brows done which I've been getting for almost two years now. Time flies when your having fun! :) If you have any questions about either the eyelash extensions or HDs then please drop me a comment below. I'd love to hear from you.

Lots of love Chelsea xxx

Friday, 8 November 2013

Lets Bake A Cake!! ♥

Well after weeks of waiting to find out, we had our scores back for our team cake making competition at work... & I WON yayyy!! Although it now means there will be no more Monday cake testing, sad times. By no means am I an expert cake decorator but I feel quite proud that my cake scored the highest points. I made the entire thing on my own, mixing, baking, decorating & I made all the flowers out of icing. This took me almost 6 hours to do a couple sundays ago so I thought I would share what I did with you.

Hope you all like my cake, actually had a lot of fun making it. :) :)
Lots of love Chelsea xxxx

Sunday, 3 November 2013

November Wishlist ♥

Fireside Treats - Yankee Candle
Knitted Crystal Stud Jumper - Topshop
Silk & Wool Checked Scarf - Zara
Black Buckle Ankle Boots - New Look
Gold Tone Diamante Encrusted Hoops - River Island
Michael Kors Hamilton Saffiano Tote - Selfridges
Light Pink Floral Skater Skirt - River Island
Well its the start of a new month, gosh where has this year gone? Am I the only one who feels this whole year has just been on fast forward? As much as I hate being cold & dark evenings, there's nothing better than snuggling up with a brew & burning Yankee candle on a winters evening, heaven..
Fireside treats has got to be the best smelling Yankee candle there is, I am just obsessed with it. I love really sweet smells and it just makes me want to eat it  all up. Its just the perfect smell for this time of year. It reminds me of roasting marshmellows on the fire on bonfire night with my family and friends. After all to me this time of year is all about memories.
I'm also loving all tartan/checked clothes at the moment as well as pretty pink items that I can wear with thick tights, jumpers and scarfs. Just because its winter doesn't mean I cant wear pink right? Haha.
Gold jewellery, Michael Kors handbags, ankle boots & beautiful smells, I love November. ♥♥
Lots of love Chelsea.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas Take 2 ♥

So yes I know I only did a Christmas ideas blog a couple of days ago, but I did a big boots shop today and couldn't wait to share what I brought with you. After all its only 65 sleeps til Christmas day! Eeeeek!!
Just to say the majority of these items are on 3 for 2 at boots aswell at the moment which is amazing, everyone loves free items ♥♥

64 gorgeous eyeshadows, lip glosses and blushers. Ideal present for a young person whos just getting into using make up - £10

Gift sets for men including Lynx, no7, Soap & Glory and some Ferrero Rochers. All available at boots from about £6+
The wallet however which is by William Hunt I brought from tkmaxx for £15

 Chalk board £8 & sauce set £14 great idea for anyone who loves to cook or owns their own house. Cute little addition to add to any kitchen.

Home fragrance candles again from boots are £5 each. Great gift idea for any lady really, we all love a chilled out night with a candle.

Grow your own herbs, ideal for an older person or someone who enjoys cooking. £15

Bright and bubbly bath gift set for women by Soap & Glory £10. Soap & Glory has got to be one of my favourite brands ever. Every single item they do is just stunning, would recommend these to anyone!

Boots special offer of the week, they are selling this Seventeen collection box half price so £35 down to £17.50. It includes eyeshadows, brushes, primer, mascara, eyeliner etc. Amazing price for a start up kit for an up and coming young makeup lover. & its cute.. :)

Champney's nail polish gift sets are £12. Absolute bargain for 6 nail polishes & what gorgeous colours too. Love these!

Finally I brought the ck one perfume which was about £24 for 100ml.

Thank you for reading again lovely's. Hope you've all had a lovely weekend.

Lots of love Chelsea xxx