Saturday, 28 December 2013

My Year In Pictures 2013 ♥

Hello lovely's!

I hope everyone's had a lovely Christmas & that you've all been spoilt rotten by your partners, family & friends. Christmas is definitely a time of year which makes you appreciate everything that you have and all that you've done over the past year. I am one of those people who take far too many photos of stupid things, but I just love sitting down at this time of year with a blanket and a hot chocolate, looking back at all the pictures and memories that made me smile. Don't get me wrong not everything is positive, there has been quite a lot of bad things and deaths around me, my friends and my family this year but we've got through it together and have come out fighting! We have however also had some very exciting news, like engagements, new babies and pregnancies. Here is a little collage of pictures I've taken this year. :)

If you have done a blog like this of pictures from your year please leave me a comment with a link to your page as I would love to see. These posts are one of my favourite to read and look out. Thank you again for reading my post! I really do hope you have a fantastic new year & that next year brings you all the love and surprises possible. Here's to 2014!!

Lots of love, Chelsea xxxx

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