Saturday, 16 November 2013

Makeup Of The Day ♥

Hey lovelies,
Gosh its a bit chilly out at the moment isn't it, brrrrrr. The cold weather is definitely not very far away anymore! So while I still can I thought I would do a more girly makeup of the day before all my winter shades start making an appearance.

So as we all know we never wear the same makeup products over and over again so I picked out my general go to items to show you.
Before I apply anything I always go over my face and neck with a makeup wipe from simple just to freshen my skin up after being in bed for hours. My nose especially can get very oily during the night so I just feel better starting with a clean face.
So first products I apply would be my Lush Tea Tree Water Toner and my Chanel Hydra Beauty Crème moisture cream. The toner is my absolute favourite, it smells delicious yet because its lush its also extremely good for your skin. The tea tree also works as an antibacterial & antiseptic for people like me who have oily & spot prone skin. I can honestly say I have never found a toner that suits me better & price wise its ideal too. The Chanel moisture cream again is one of my favourites, its quite a heavy cream but since using it my skin has felt a lot healthier and has a little boost to it. These two items are definitely my savours.
Next I would apply my Le Blanc De Chanel sheer illuminating base. This is a white liquid, almost like a light coverage foundation but instead of applying it to the whole face I use it as a whitener to help hide any red patches/blemishes that I'm not happy with. I really do love this product, having fairly oily skin I tend to find my face can appear a bit more pink toned than normal so this really helps, even if just to boost my confidence. Oh Chanel you are amazing!
After these I would now start my base makeup, first I would use my Benefit Pore Professional as my primer, this product is oil-free while also being lightweight which is ideal for my skin type. Next I would apply my Garnier roll on pen for any dark circles under my eyes, For my foundation I would use MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW15,/NW20 (depending on my amount of fake tan at the time). For concealer I would either use my MAC Moisture Cover in NW15/NW20 or again from MAC my Pro Longwear concealer again in NW15/NW20. I tend to use the longwear concealer for any redness or blemishes while using my moisture cover for under my eyes as I find that one makes me appear more fresh and awake. When I occasionally get a nasty spot or anything other than a red patch I would also use my Bourjois corrector concealer stick as it has a much thicker coverage. I would then set all this with my MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Naturals powder in medium.
For blusher I used my new MAC Scene To Be Seen Mineralise Skinfinish powder, I love the shine and colour of this product, Really suits my features. Love it! Highlighter of the day I used the Soap & Glory Glow All Out face powder above my cheeks, under my eyebrows and anywhere else I felt needed a pick me up.
With my eyes because I currently have eyelash extensions, I only applied mascara to my bottom lashes, for this I used my false lash telescopic by L'Oreal with the Topshop waterproof pencil eyeliner in the colour Ebony for my water and tight line. On my eyelids I used my Naked 2 pallet by Urban Decay, I started with the colour Foxy then used Chopper and YDK in blended into the crease. I love the smokey eye look at the moment!
Every four weeks I get HD eyebrows done at my local beauty centre so I use the HD shadow pallet and HD brow mascara to shape and fill in my brows.

Finally for lips I've used my trusty carmex as a base with my Topshop lipstick in Innocent which is definitely my favourite right now, I'm so inlove with pretty pink lips!

Hope you enjoyed reading this sorry if it dragged on, I think I possibly wear to much makeup? Ah well, its fine :). If you have any questions about any of the products shown please feel free to comment or drop me an email to Speak to you soon!!
Lots of love Chelsea xxxx


  1. This is such a pretty look - the lipstick really suits you! x

  2. I love your makeup of the day, you look so lovely :D


  3. ooh so many products i'm crazing in those pictures!

    1. I would say my best buy out of all the items I used would be my Chanel illuminating base :) ♥