Monday, 11 November 2013

What I Got For My 21st Birthday :) ♥

Hello lovelys!
Even before I started blogging I used to love to read all the 'birthday haul' blogs & videos on here and on youtube (i'm nosey.. haha). So as I turned 21 yesterday I thought I would write a little post about the things my boyfriend, family & friends bought for me. I have honestly had the best couple of days of my life this weekend. I had eyelash extensions put in on Saturday morning & was then taken out for a surprise family lunch straight afterwards, that Saturday evening my family, friends & boyfriend arranged a special little fireworks party with a homemade birthday cake designed just for me. It was a two tier white cake, half sponge with jam and cream, half marble with flowers in the top which I loved. I've then spent the last 2 days just seeing people and enjoying spending time with the people I love and care about. After all birthdays are more than just a day of presents, they are also about love, friendship, family & making memories you will never forget. I know posts like this aren't everyone's cup of tea so this is just for the people who are interested. Id also like to mention I am not making this blog to show off or boast, I am just simply writing about what I was given as I really enjoy reading other blogs similar to this. I will try and put links and prices where possible but as these items were presents I cant be sure exactly where they were brought from.

This is not so much a present but the first thing I was given on my birthday was these gorgeous flowers from my nan, bless her!

Literally cant believe my boyfriend brought me an ipad mini for my birthday, I am actually blown away. Iv wanted one of these for over a year but I've just never been able to justify spending that much money on one as i already have the iphone 4s. Recieveing this really made me appreciate how lucky I am to have someone like that. This is the 32gb one which you can pick up from almost anywhere now, either buying it out right or on pay monthly plans.
My present from my dad was the Lumix Panasonic DMC-G3K camera. I've been wanting a better camera for years so when he brought me this I was in shock. Its such a gorgeous camera. Its light, a good shape to hold and I love the fact you can pull the screen out so I can do videos easier as well.

This camera is 16 megapixels which means the quality of the pictures is amazing. It has a 3 inch screen and has a focal length of 14-42. I love the fact this camera comes with a detachable lens so in the future i can change the lens to one that suits what type of photos I'm taking at the time.

This camera is also 1080i HD for videos and all playbacks including sound. I've been trying this out non-stop since I was given it & so far I am extremely impressed! My only quibble with this camera is if you ever want to take any close up pictures you have to stand away from the item and then zoom in otherwise the picture wont take, but apart from that its amazing... Thanks dad!
I also got quite a lot of lush for my birthday as well as I am obsessed with it, this is about half of all the ones I got but I have already put the other half away in the bathroom so thought I would just include these ones. Thankfully they got me not one but two of the snow fairy shower gels which is my absolute favourite smell ever so as its limited edition I have to stock up before Christmas. As I brought quite a lot of lush if you would like to know more about any of the bits I picked up please comment & I can let you know names, prices ect. This blog is just long as it is lol. 

Next up I got the DKNY Red delicious perfume & the Juicy Couture Noir perfume. The Noir perfume is my absolute favourite perfume so I was really pleased to open this up yesterday. To me the smell is a mixture of sweet & musk but with that expensive smell too, if that makes sense... I'm not very good at describing smells I just know they smell beautiful!
Well that's a good part of the presents I received, there is a fair bit more but I will most likely include them in another blog that I will be putting up soon. Thank you for reading this, hope you enjoyed it!

Lots of love Chelsea xxx

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