Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Christmas Ideas 2013 ♥

Yes, yes, yes I know its only October but with the size of my family I start my Christmas shopping in August! I came online today to have a look through other Christmas ideas & I can barely find anything for this year yet.. am I the only person who likes to be prepared? So as I've spent the day chilling with my boyfriend at the hospital after his op, I thought I would have a little look online at some ideas for presents. Just to say if your reading this and have any good ideas of your own please comment below as you can never be too prepared at this time of year lol. Well here we go.. :)
Well to start with which lovely lady in your family doesn't love candles?!? Cause I cant think of any in mine! I've always been a bit of a yankee candle freak & never thought id find anything else I love as much. Well that was until I stumbled across a Jo Malone candle a couple weeks ago and since then im hooked. These candles smell absolutely amazing! Of all the ones iv now come across the blackberry bay home candle has got to be my favourite. These aren't the cheapest candles out there though I must admit, they come in at £39 each but they are so so worth it. Candles are just perfect for those times when your stuck with what to buy, just make sure you don't fall too inlove with them that you just cant give them away haha.

ELF are doing a 100pc eyeshadow pallet for only £15! Personally I think ELF are really good for what their items are priced as & I think this item is a fabulous present for a young girl or someone who's just getting into makeup. The colours are bright and fun while also being very usable for day and night life. I also love the fact ELF do items that are so cheap & basic aswell, as much as I love going into MAC or Dior and splurging out on 4 items costing £100, its nice to just pick up some cheapys to throw in your handbag or as stocking fillers for that person you always struggle to buy for at Christmas. 

When it comes to buying presents I always prefer buying for women rather than men as I would normally buy a female something that I would like to receive back. Men on the other hand, wouldn't really appreciate opening a pink gift bag to find a few nail polishes and a perfume. (as much as we may wish they did lol) So after having a look around online I came across a few Gillette gift sets for men under £30. Genius! Most guys under the age of 50 shave on a regular basis so its something they would actually find useful. & on the plus side while we are out being generous buying gifts were also racking up those reward points, new make up for us yay!

What about for the fury friends in our lives? Pets pyjamas has got to be the best animal friendly website in the world! Toys, collars, beds, leads, clothes.. you name it they sell it. All the items are at really affordable prices too. Afterall, pets need Christmas presants too!!

& Finally SWEETS!! Who can resist a bag of the old classics wrapped up all pretty with a bow. Dipdaps, candy lipsticks, shrimps or white chocolate mice... Heaven... :)

Well thank you for reading, I want to put up 5 random things every week right up until Christmas so look out for my next blog, Speak to you soon guys!

Lots of Love Chelsea xxx